West coast is definitely the “Best Koast”, and we have so many great people, fabulous businesses and fun things to do in our community. Let’s explore all of the great happenings in South OC, meet all of our neighbors and serve our local businesses and communities together. Some of our greatest resources are in our own back yard!

As a married full-time working mother of 2, you can take the honkey white girl out of the corn fields of Illinois, but you can’t take the corn fields out of me. We live in Southern California and live in an awesome little town that surrounds us by the ocean and blesses us with a safe place to raise our kids.

Living here for over 16 years, we have met so many cool people and realized the plethora of resources at the tips of our fingers. And there is always SO much going on to do with our families or just fun stuff in our community. I found myself looking in 40 different locations when looking for things to do or to stay up to date, so I decided to consolidate everywhere I look into one neat little package (see Events page | Calendar here).

I love connecting with other women, families and people that are in the thick of life like we are. The fun (and the grind) of raising kids, homework, multiple sports – oh and that full-time job or career (or new business for your entrepreneurs!) that can be all too consuming at times. Wait, what about date night? Remember your spouse or partner? And did you meal plan, yet buy all organic groceries? Don’t forget to exercise first thing in the morning, it helps your metabolism get the move on for the day! There is so much to do in so little time and before you know it. BAM! You’re planning your retirement. In a blink. How is it that we are supposed to plan for that, btw? (Any financial advisers out there that could help….?) Wait, I think I need a makeover as well and some help with my wardrobe (they call me Frump-alicious at work! ew!) as I approach my 40th birthday this December….oy vey.

In the meantime, I want to share with all of you and explore with all of you on everything Local, Health, Family, Fashion, Home and Travel – all of it! The world is our oyster, and I want to enjoy the ride, and let’s meet cool people along the way!